Welcome to Evolución Animal A.C.

Evolución Animal A.C. is a Mexican animal protection non profit organization that shelters dogs in the south of Mérida, Yucatán close to Umán.
We have more than 100 dogs waiting for a chance to be adopted.
Evolución is not only a shelter, but a sanctuary for abused and mistreated dogs. It is a home for the “malix pek” (not pure bred or dogs that live on the streets) who have difficulties to get adopted simply because they are not pure bred creatures. In Evolución these dogs have a home.

You must be the change you want to see in the world

Mahatma Gandhi

Denuncia el maltrato animalFILE A COMPLAINT

You are the voice of those who have none. Filing a complaint against animal abusers is the right, obligation, moral and legal responsibility of everyone as citizens.

Conoce cómo ayudar a los animalesWANT TO HELP?

Evolución Animal A.C. is possible thanks to the support of many people that not only donate their money but their time, dedication, talent and passion for the most defenseless ones.

Criando Niños BondadososRAISING KIND KIDS

Through education, EVOLUCIÓN ANIMAL hopes to guarantee a future in which animals, the environment and the people are respected. Based on the flyer by PETA.

Esterilizar es SolucionarSPAY & NEUTER

The destiny of many dogs has changed because of people like you who take their time to analize the situation and take responsible decisions.

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