The irresponsability towards an animal begins when we buy, accept as a gift or adopt any living creature without seriously analizing the situation and without consulting with the rest of our family about the implications of bringing an extra member into the family.

Here are some questions you can ask to yourself before you decide to adopt an animal:


  • Do I have the necesary and adecuate space for my pet to live without being exposed to the elements?
  • Is this space big enough for my pet to run around, play and exercise?
  • If I don’t own my house, will my pet go with me in case I move?
  • Does my house have a tall enough wall/fence that will keep my pet from getting out of the property?
  • Is my family economy stable?
  • Will I be able to cover all the veterinary costs that generate from having a new member in my family?
  • Can I really take care of my new friend or is this just a whim?
  • A dog or cat can live up to 20 years, am I in for a long term comitment with my new friend?
  • Am I taking into consideration that the dog or cat that I am about to adopt is from a particular breed that may need special attention such as a particular kind/brand of food, may not be ideal for kids, etc?
  • Pets need quality time with their “owners”, do I have time to take care of him/her?
[message type=”success”]If all your answers tend to be positive then you are ready to adopt.  Click here for the next step towards an ADOPTION[/message] [message type=”erroneous”]If any of the questions got you thinking maybe you are forcing the situation. In most cases this ends in the mistreat or complete abandonment of the adopted animal.
Most of the people that get rid of their pets never analized the situation previous to the adoption or forced the situation, for example “Now that I have the dog I will make time to go for a run every morning” or “Now that the dog is here, I will clean the patio every day”. This is not fair for the animals. We are here to see for the well being of animals, not to give them to whoever wants them.
Having a pet is a wonderfull lifechanging experience and it should be an election, not an obligation.[/message]