8:30 – 10:30

Do you have a couple of hours available on Wednesday and Satruday mornings to take our dogs for a walk just outside the shelter? Enjoy the company of other animal lovers and the oportunity of an extre excercise each week.
The time spent with the dogs makes them more social friendly and helps them get closer to finding a forever home.

If you love dogs, like to spend time in the open air and meeting new people, come and enjoy the Wednesday and Saturday mornings at the shelter.
Occasionally we are forzed to cancel the Paws on Pavement Program (due to weather or special events mainly) so please stay in touch to keep up to date.
For more details and information contact Patricia at

Did you know…?

According to the Center for Desease Control and Prevention (CDC) having a non-human companion has the following benefits on your health:

– Allows for a more constant exercise, improves your health and physical condition. 

– Reduces the tension, anxiety, sadness, anger and frustration.

– Helps improve blood pressure and control cholesterol and triglycerids levels. 

– Reduces the sensation of lonelyness that leads to depression.