Evolución Animal A.C. is an animal protection non profit organization that shelters dogs in the south of Mérida, close to Umán.
We have more than 250 dogs waiting for a chance to be adopted.
Evolución is not only a shelter, but a sanctuary for abused and mistreated dogs. It is a home for the “malix pek” (not pure bred or dogs that live on the streets) who have difficulties to get adopted simply because they are not pure bred creatures. In Evolución these dogs have a home.


Protect wild and domestic animals.

Stop violence of any kind.

Conserve and protect our environment.

Evolución Animal A.C. exists to promote the well being of our habitat and its animals, human and non human; to protect against violence and cultivate respect and appreciation for every living creature and to reinforce the relationship and links that already exist between humans, animals and our habitat.