Canadian Adoption Program

Compassion has no borders. We know that every dog deserves to have a home to call their own, and while we hope that every dog at our shelter is adopted locally, we know that their wait is often too long. That is why we have partnered with some amazing rescues in Ontario, Canada to transfer our deserving pups where we know they will quickly find loving families that will give them the life that we always dreamed they would have.

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Canada Program FAQ’s

Q: If I see a dog that I want to adopt from you, will you send them to me?

Yes, but not directly. While we do not do private adoptions in Canada, we have many reputable rescues in Ontario that we can work with to get the pup you have fallen in love with sent your way! Reach out to for more information.

Q: What is the process of sending a dog to Canada?

It is not an easy process to get a dog to Canada but we continue to improve and make the process smoother each time we do it. Generally speaking the dogs are chosen a few months before their trip. The dogs are thoroughly vetted including a full blood panel and vet check to make sure they are healthy. They are treated for any minor ailments such as Ehrlichia (see below for details on Ehrlichia), and given all of their vaccines and preventative treatments for fleas and ticks. A few days prior to their flight they are transferred to an offsite facility where they are pampered with a bath, play time and fitted for a collar and a jacket (which they will need in Canada). On flight day, they are put two per crate and driven to the Cancun airport where a volunteer flight escort checks them in for their flight and gets them through security. Once the plane lands in Ontario, the volunteer collects them at baggage claim and takes them through secondary inspection where they are cleared into Canada. Following this, the volunteer delivers them into the waiting arms of our rescue partners in Ontario.

Q: What does it cost to send a dog to Canada?

It really depends on the dog, but overall these costs continue to rise each year. On average it costs $400 – $500 CAD to send a dog to Canada. This cost includes vet checks, blood work, all vaccines, flea and tick prevention, spay/neuter, medications, road tolls, gas, customs fees, and flight costs.

Q: What is Ehrlichia?

Ehrlichia is a tick-borne disease that is carried by the brown dog tick. It is quite common in Mexico but also occurs in the United States and Canada. Ehrlichia can cause a lot of different issues for dogs especially if it goes undetected for a long time, but the most common way to spot it is unexplained weight loss, or a cut that won’t stop bleeding. Ehrlichia is caught through blood work as well and is treatable with a 30 day cycle of medication. Talk to your vet if you think your dog could have Ehrlichia. Humans cannot get Ehrlichia from their dog, nor is it contagious from dog to dog. For more information visit:

Q: Why are you sending dogs to Canada when Canada has dogs of their own in shelters?

We work very closely with the rescues in Ontario to make sure that they have the space and capacity to take in our dogs. We never send dogs to Canada when the shelters are full or are struggling. Generally speaking our dogs are adopted quickly in Canada, some of which would have had little to no chance of being adopted in Mexico and would have died in our shelter without ever having a family of their own.

Canadian Success Story

“In December of 2013 we adopted “Picheto”, a 3-year-old sweetheart of a dog from Evolucion. From his first day with us, he was comfortable and seemed to understand that this was his home. It was truly amazing to watch him learn about Canadian life and weather. He eventually got used to the TV but never quite made peace with stairs, always going up them backwards. Picheto won the hearts of our family and friends (human and canine), being a calm and peaceful presence everywhere he went. Unfortunately, after 9 amazing years he left us with the same strength we’d come to expect from him. He loved his sister (Simcoe also from Mexico), car rides and being with his people. He really enriched our lives with his sweet, grateful, goofy soul and we are forever thankful that we had him in our lives. 

Only a few days after Picheto left us, Simcoe missed her best friend so much that her behaviour was completely out of character, and we reached out to Evolucion to see if they could help us find her a new brother. Jane was incredible and sent a video of a sweet boy at the shelter that would be coming to Canada in the coming weeks.

Once we knew Simcoe and Emilio approved of each other, he came home with us immediately. Again, it was incredible to watch him teach himself how to run at top speed, figure out glass doors (not quite knowing how to tell what is open or closed), and that he was safe with us. We have had him for a little over a year now, and to say that this dog is sweet doesn’t do it justice. He is a complete love machine—he will cuddle with anyone, and he loves to run and play with Simcoe always with a goofy smile on his face. 

Our experience with these dogs has been so beautiful and impactful. We have made the trip to the shelter twice and it is clear that while resources are always needed to support its more than 300 dogs, there is no shortage of love, respect, and kindness shown to these animals. We are forever grateful to Silvia, Jane, Arturo, and the rest of the team at Evolucion that take the time and energy to save these sweet dogs.”