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You are the voice of those who have none.

At Evolución Animal, we believe that filing a complaint is the right and moral obligation of everyone as human beings. If not you, then who will speak up for these defenseless animals? Raise your voice – do not look the other way!

Evolución Animal is a non profit organization formed by volunteers and is NOT an authority that investigates and sanctions animal abuse. We strongly recommend that you FILE A COMPLAINT BEFORE THE AUTHORITIES when a person or business neglects or abuses an animal. The intervention of an Animal Rights organization is NOT necessary to file a complaint.

Penal Complaint Against Domestic Animal Abuse

File your complaint with The Attorney General’s Office of the State of the Yucatán

The law considers the following to be acts of mistreatment or cruelty against domestic animals:

  1. Causing the death of a domestic animal without the previous consent of a registered veterinarian
  2. Mutilation or altering of the physical appearance, or negatively modifying their natural instincts
  3. Deprivation from air, natural light, food, water, enough space, a shelter from the elements, medical care or proper living space for that species
  4. Abandonment or mistreatment that compromises their well being
  5. Any act of mission that risks the animals life 
  6. Any act of zoophilia with domestic animals (sexual abuse)

Click here to find the State Attorney General’s Office closest to your home.

Click here for a list of what you will need to file a complaint

(Here is the list of what is needed to file a complaint:)

  • ID (original and 2 copies)
  • Complete address of the place where the animal abuse took place.
  • Name of the person or business that is engaging in animal abuse. Alias or general descriptions are okay.
  • Any photos or videos that you have available. They can also be added to the complaint at a later date
  • Names of witnesses. The attorney’s will give you a date and time so they can come and give their declaration.
  • If you called SSP, mention the date, time and number on the patrol car that was dispatched and if possible the name of the policemen that attended.

You will describe the facts of the complaint to the attorneys at the State Attorney General’s Office. They will write down your statement and ask you to sign it. They will give you a number of “Averiguación” so you can track the complaint.

Afterwards it is very important that you keep track of your complaint.

The sanctions are:

  • 3 months to 1 year in prison and 50 to 100 minimum wage fine.
  • 6 months to 2 years in prison and 200 to 400 minimum wage fine, if the animal dies as a result of the abuse.
  • If the abuser used methods that provoked a great deal of suffering to the animal previous to his/her death, the sanctions will be increased by 50%.

Administrative Complaint Against Animal Abuse in Mérida


The law considers the following as acts against the State Law / Regulations for the Protection of Municipal Fauna:

  1. Acts of cruelty against any animal (murder, lesions, mutilation, abandonment, caged or permanently restrained with a chain, lack of veterinary assistance, lack of water food or a safe place to hide from the elements, and excessive work in the case of horses and donkeys)
  2. Not picking up dog poop
  3. Breeding or selling animals without proper permits
  4. Selling animals without proper permits
  5. Selling to people under age
  6. Giving Away animals in raffles or events
  7. Exhibiting an injured animal, or any animal for more than 12 hours
  8. Animal fights (except cock fights)
  9. Using horses to pull earth bags
  10. Using animals in fairs or spectacles without proper permits

Click here for the address of where to file the complaint

Los Jueces Calificadores en la Dirección de la Policía Municipal

Address: Calle 57 No.459 x 52 y 54 Centro, Mérida, Yuc.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Click here for the address for administrative complaints in other parts of the Yucatán

The Secretariat of Urban Development and Environment for the Government of the State of Yucatán

(La Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán)

Calle 64 No. 437 x 53 y 47-A, Col. Centro, Mérida, Yucatán

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm.

Click here for a list of information you will need to file a complaint

*This is a written complaint – click here to download the form

  • Your name and Address so you can be notified of the resolution of the complaint.
  • Your phone number in case they need to contact you.
  • Detailed description of the facts.
  • Detailed description of the place where the incident took place.
  • Name or detailed description of the person or business that committed the animal abuse.
  • Any photos or videos that you may have.
  • Names of witnesses if any.

Important notes:

  1. Your complaint will be confidential and you will remain ANONYMOUS
  2. It is very important to keep track of your complaint
  3.  If the animal is in grave danger ask for an EMERGENCY ORDER “ORDEN DE EMERGENCIA”. The animal will then be transferred to the Centro Municipal de Control Animal, or to an animal protection shelter. The animal will stay there until the complaint reaches a resolution
  4. In the case of horses being used to pull carts full of earth bags:
    1. Ask for the support of the State Police at Tel. 066 or Telcel toll free 113
    2. Call the Jueces Calificadores at Tel. 9420000 Ext. 83049, asking them to send an inspector from the Subdirección de Ecología so that the legal temporary requisition can take place
    3. If the horse shows signs of animal abuse, fill out the above mentioned complaint form

The sanctions are:

  • Warning
  • Fine of $637.70 to $3,188,500.00 pesos
  • Temporary or definitive requisition
  • Administrative arrest

Complaint Against Wildlife Commerce, Abuse, Possession Poaching or Circuses with Animals

File your complaint with: Profepa – Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection

You can report the following acts against animals to PROFEPA:

  1. Abuse against wild animals or protected species
  2. Circuses or shows that use animals (PROFEPA will investigate the legal ownership of the animals and check for abuse)
  3. Commerce or possession of protected species
  4. Commerce or possession of wild animals without the proper permits
  5. Illegal hunting of wild animals
  6. Hunting of protected species
  7. Fishing without proper permits
  8. Fishing of protected species
Click here for where to file your complaint

Here are the methods of filing a complaint:

Click here for a list of information you will need to file a complaint
  • Name, address and phone of yourself or the organization you represent.
  • Full description of the facts
  • Complete address of where the incident took place
  • Photos or videos if any
  • Your complaint can remain ANONYMOUS

    Get to know our laws that protect animals

    Evolución Animal, as part of our objectives, has collaborated with the creation of Laws that protect animals in the State of Yucatán and the City of Mérida.