Adopting from Evolución A.C.

At Evolución we understand that deciding to adopt a new furry family member is a big commitment. Our goal is to make sure that our animals and adopters come together to make the perfect match!

So You Have Decided to Adopt…

Step 1

Read Requirements

Read through the requirements to adopt that are listed below, as well as our list of things to think about before adopting.

Step 2

Pick an Animal & Message Us

Check out our adoptable animals, and send us a message on facebook messenger or through whatsapp at 999 193 0628 with the animal you are interested in. Then come and visit us at the sanctuary to meet the animal.

Adoption Hours are Monday to Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Step 3

Home Visit & Paperwork

We will contact you to schedule a visit to your house! If conditions are suitable in your home for the animal you want to adopt, then we will proceed with the adoption paperwork and collect the recovery fee of $500 pesos.

*If conditions are not suitable for the animal you want to adopt, we will give you some recommendations to help make the home more suitable for the animal.

Step 4

Welcome Home Your Pet!

Requirements to Adopt

  1. The adopter agrees to provide the animal with adequate nutrition and care, and a proper and safe place to live. The adopter must agree to not let the animal wander in the streets  and must not under any circumstances give the animal away to others without prior notification and approval of Evolución A.C.
  2. The adopter agrees to receive veterinary attention for the animal whenever required and these costs will be covered by the adopter. In the event that the adopter is delivered an unspayed or un-neutered animal, the adopter will pledge to have the animal spayed/neutered as soon as possible (within 6 months of age in the case of puppies) so that no reproduction, under any circumstance takes place.
  3. The adopter agrees that the animal will ALWAYS wear a collar with an attached ID tag that will contain the adopter’s name and home telephone number and/or Evolución’s and will always walk on a leash as required by wildlife regulations of the Municipality.
  4. The adopter agrees that during vacation periods, if the animal cannot join the vacation, the adopter will leave the animal with people who are responsible and will protect, feed and take good care of him/her.
  5. The adopter agrees that the animal will never engage in activities other than the ones of a house pet. No fighting or defense training should ever take place.
  6. The adopter agrees to notify Evolución A.C. if the animal dies.
  7. Evolución A.C. reserves the right to visit the home of the adopted animal.
  8. The adopter must pay a recovery fee of $500 pesos. This fee is used to cover the costs of the animal’s vaccines, surgeries, nameplates, etc. 

If, at any point, any of these conditions were not fulfilled, Evolución A.C. will regain custody of the adopted animal.

Things to Think About Before Adopting

This is a big decision and not one to make quickly! We have found that the top reasons for abandoning a pet comes from bringing the pet into the home without seriously considering the long term commitment. We want every adoption to be a success – read through the questions below to make sure you are ready to continue on the road to adoption!

  • A dog or cat can live up to 20 years, am I in for a long term commitment with my new pet?
  • Pets need quality time with their owners, do I have time to take care of him/her?
  • Will I be able to cover the veterinary costs that come up when having a new furry member in my family?
  • What if we welcome a baby into the household, will I have time for the pet then?
  • Is my family income stable?
  • Is everybody in the family on board with adopting a pet?
  • Am I taking into consideration that the dog or cat that I am about to adopt is from a particular breed that may need special attention such as a particular kind/brand of food, or may not be ideal for kids, etc?
  • If I don’t own my house, will my pet go with me if I move?
  • Do I have enough space for my pet to live without being exposed to the elements?
  • Is this space big enough for my pet to run around, play and exercise?
  • Where will the animal stay when I am away from the house for the day?
  • Who will look after the animal if I go away on vacation?
  • Does my house have a tall enough wall/fence that will keep my pet from getting out of the property?

If any of these questions made you rethink adopting a pet, that is okay! It is always better to play it safe and wait until you are sure that it is the right time to commit!

If you breezed through these questions with a “YES!” to each one – sounds like you are ready to adopt! Check out our available dogs and cats!

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